4. Teaching Practice

Procedure of Teaching

My procedure of teaching must always coincide with the teaching plan I prepared. Hence, before anything else I engage the class to some motivational activities that could arouse their interest to make them active. Especially that some of the activities I gave are activities popular to my country and commonly used by Filipino teachers. Below is a video of some of the activities I practiced:

Tagalog word tongue twister

Tagalog word tongue twister “nakakapagpabagabag”

After the motivation, I immediately present my lesson through a wise introduction of the topic. I relate the topics I have with the real world situation so that students will understand easily the topic with their general view of it. And that is the time I start my lesson. Students will use their textbooks as resources of the lesson. And some of the problems are based on it but some of my lessons also being visualized through the powerpoint presentation that I prepared. I summarize my lesson after the discussion, ask some abstraction questions to ensure that they understand the topic. After everything, I gave a short quiz as assessment to the learning of the students.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

Honestly, I will say that the time intended for every period in the subject is not enough to cope one lesson. Considering that you need to engage in various activities and assess the students after all, 45 minutes is really not enough. What I do is to make sure there is an allocated time for every activity I do. Less than ten minutes must be observed to make sure all other activities will be taken up. That’s why evrytime I start an activity I always make sure that I have explained everything well to them and emphasize the time needed for them to finish one activity so they will be aware.

I am giving instruction for an activity to make

Problem Solving

I always make sure to include problem solving in some activities I gave to the students. That’s why I love to include varied activities to the students to discover their talents and engage in multiple intelligence improvements.

Students solving simple sequence pattern
Solving a Math problem

Classroom Management

I have no problem with managing my every class since everybody is courteous and very diligent. When it comes to noise, I believe it is normal but I just keep quiet when everybody is speaking and they would keep quiet if they notice I stop speaking. A good classroom management will be practice when students follow routines at the start up to the end of class. The key is just a clear and complete instruction to be followed by students in that way good classroom management will be practiced.

Authentic Assessment

One of the ways to measure students capacity for learning is through authentic assessment. As I teach Mathematics, I employ on assessing students through drama or role playing, dance, singing, essay, poem writing, poster making, etc. This is to engage the class in multiple intelligences as one way of harnessing heir talents and skills.

This is one of my students’ outputs. To make a recycled poster making which involves Mathematics.

As I teach Mathematics, I let my students perform a singing and role playing activity that connects to my Mathematics class. Students actively perform their part and showcase their talent as integration to Mathematics class. Below are videos of some presentations made by my students:

Assessing Students- Cognitive Assessment

eachers use different methods in assessing their students therefore utilizing the assessment of student learning 1 where the teacher uses quiz, paper and pencil test, worksheets, summative tests and exercises to ensure students learning on a certain topic. On the other hand, the teachers also utilized the use of performance task and output as part of assessing them provided that they prepared rubrics and criteria to ensure the validity of their ratings.
The teachers rate every student in 1 to 10 scaling. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

The final rating will determine the students capacity on a certain subject hence will also decide for the passing or fail of the students. The rating will be comprised of three categories 1.) summative tests 2.) performance and quizzes 3.) attitudes and behaviors. Holistic observation will be used in assessing students’ behaviors, therefore the rating will be based on the teacher’s observation.


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