3. Teaching Plans


In Daar El Qolam, Friday is only the free day of the students, it is the time where they could spend leisure time to play different sort of games.

Each subject lesson is comprised in 45 minutes. In the morning the students should take 6 periods in the morning which start at 6:40 and end at 12:10 p.m. They also have a quick 20-minute break after the 2nd period and another 15-minute break after the 4th period and the afternoon class starts at 2 p.m and ends at 3 pm.

There is regular and international section in the school That’s why some of the subjects are found in the international class program class but not in the regular.

In teaching Mathematics, Math is divided into two the Math 1 and the Math 2. Math 1 includes basic lessons in mathematics such as Algebra and Geometry, while in Math 2 includes Trigonometry and Basic Calculus.

However, I cannot find a concrete syllabus of the mathematics curriculum since the curriculum itself is written in Bahasa Indonesia but the book itself is a good source for the chronological order of the topics needed to master by the students.

Example Teaching Plan (Mathematics subject)

Below are lists of all of my teaching plan in Mathematics


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