Teaching Methods

Teachers are well equipped to the use of different methods of teaching. They follow the school format in teaching planning and therefore stick to the school’s standards. The school has partnership with other universities as well, that’s why in one day every week some lecturers coming from the partner university will give lecture about certain subject.

Below is an example video of the teaching strategy of Ma’am Ichank of English class.
She adopted a game to test students’ public speaking skills. Students will sing a song, and when the teacher says stop the last person holding the paper ball will peel off one piece of paper from the ball and make a statement out of it.

Learning Materials and Innovation

The school owned some technology materials, such as flat screen LED tv, overhead projector, while students also owned some gadgets where they are limited to have and use on some scheduled time. Teachers also engaged the students in some media instructions to arouse the students interest in the subject therefore improve students engagement in learning.

Sources of Learning

The school has the library department where every students are free to enter at any time. But the school has the textbooks being provided for every student at every subject. Every student also owned some textbooks and reading materials of which they have coming from their parents being brought as they are being visited.

Authentic Assessment used by Teachers

The teachers are required to assess the students twice every semester, but they can also give some unassessed examinations to the students. Some teachers engaged in essay writing, role playing, projects, etc… to assess the students performance and understanding in the topic.


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