Indonesia for first and last

I swear I enjoyed this rides in Jungle land located in Bogor, Indonesia and I also swear i will never try these rides again. This is my first to try on these rides and i didn’t expect to be that hilarious. I vomit thrice yet i still go on. This is one of the memorable happenings with my stay in Indonesia, I hope I could go back there someday with my family.


Reading Indonesian Students

Indonesian Students sing an excerpt of their National anthem
Students learn Arabic language

In a short time of observations I already see smartness of Indonesian students, how disciplined they are in terms of seriousness they put in education and religion. Indonesians speak so many language and Arabic is one of their expertise.

“Fresh and New’

Senior high students sitting in the hall learning how to teach. A great program for senior high graduates where they can already be hired as a part time teacher even without actually entering college. A platform to develop oneself in teaching.

The second picture is the newly built international school, a new program to enhance the school’s competency.