Summary and Suggestions Terimah Kasih – Daar El Qolam, Untirta, Indonesia

This could be my first land in Indonesia and learning the people and the place makes me want to come back here someday. I am grateful to be
part of this SEATEACHER program, with this I really learn a lot about teaching and learning on another country and felt home on another place with friendly students and humble teachers.

One of the challenges I encountered is when I am alone at my room in an isolated place. Since I was the only male participant in the group, two from Thailand whom are both female and my friend from Philippines who is together with them. Since, we are in Indonesia, the school has strict implementations as to marginalization between male and female citizen. Boys are forbidden to enter into the females’ area. One of the things I could suggest is to make sure that there is two or more male and female participants to be in charged in one school, for socialization purposes and helping hands as well. However, my whole stay in the place is very memorable that I got to socialize with the students that they personally go to my room and talk, also the student buddy is very helpful, you add more the friendly faculty of the school that monitor my activities and help me a lot that I could easily adapt to their culture/

One month is in fact not enough to witness the whole place but the said month is enough to see the beauty of Indonesian culture.

This experience of mine will forever be in my memories. To be a teacher, I wish i could come back to the school again and meet the students I already miss by now. If I will be asked to come back on the school right now, I wouldn’t doubt to pack my things right away. Terima Kasih.




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